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Building Test Fixtures to Clean up Mocha / Jasmine Tests

One of the problems with unit testing complex software is that the tests often become as complicated as the system under test. This eventually leads to bloated test code that is hard to read and maintain, and is usually littered

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Unit testing Kendo UI DataSources with Jasmine and Mockjax

Are you struggling to find a way to unit test your Kendo UI code because you have a pesky DataSource in there, and it keeps trying to fetch data from a server? Has that been your excuse for not testing

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Learning Moq with The Moq Koans

Inspired by a local “Software Craftsmanship” group, and the “Coding Dojo” at CodeMash 2011, I decided to set up a weekly coding dojo at work. Every Friday, two developers spend an hour during lunch doing katas or learning something new.

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