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Using Deferreds With the Cordova File API

Reading and writing to files with the Cordova File API can be difficult and messy due to heavy use of nested callback functions. We can make a convenient wrapper around this API and use jQuery deferreds to clean up our code.

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Loading Google Maps in Cordova the Right Way

There are a lot of articles out there that talk about using Google Maps in a Cordova or Telerik AppBuilder project. A surprising number of them start with: <script src=””></script&gt; You should never use that! Read more to see a better way…

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A Pretty Cool Build Process with AppBuilder CLI

I had been a fan of the Telerik AppBuilder desktop client (formerly known as Graphite) for a while. However the one thing you could never do was use alternative languages, like CofeeScript, TypeScript, LESS, SASS, etc. Unit testing was also

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Handling Offline State in Kendo Mobile

If you plan on releasing your Kendo UI Mobile app to the app store, then you better handle the case where the device does not have a network connection. Plus, your users will be happy if your app doesn’t just

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Kendo Mobile Gotchas, Tips, Tricks

After working on the Kendo UI Music Store sample web site for weeks, I switched to making a mobile version using Kendo Mobile and Icenium (which, by the way, is awesome!). There were a lot of things that didn’t seem

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Making a Well Structured Kendo UI Mobile App in Icenium with Require.js

The first time you start trying to use Kendo UI Mobile, you may get the feeling that you need to global-scope all your JavaScript. Yes, Kendo looks for a lot of things in the global JS scope, but that is

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