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A Simple Pattern for Testing Custom React Hooks

Making custom react hooks is easy, but the first time I made one I was at a loss at to how to test it. It turns out it’s pretty easy… If your custom hook uses any other React hooks, then

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Identifying and Combatting Technical Debt

Technical debt is something you should always be conscious of in the software industry. Basically it is the result of doing a rushed or “unclean” job and leaving code or infrastructure in a state that makes it harder and slower

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Making setTimeout an async/await function

Here is a handy wrapper that turns setTimeout() into an async function.

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NodeJS 8.5 adds fast native copyFile

NodeJS is awesome, but every now and then you come across something that isn’t really easy. One of those things is copying a file. Seems simple, but a glance at StackOverflow proves otherwise. The answers basically consist of reading a

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Why I’m Sticking With Yarn (Sorry NPM 5)

This post has been a long time coming. I started trying out NPM 5 the day it was released (May 2017), but wanted to reserve judgement until it had some time to “stabilize” and get some initial bugs fixed. As

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Pretty-printing JavaScript objects with JSON.stringify

It’s fairly frequent that we end up wanting to log what the contents of a JS variable is. Often times though, that ends up being an object. Frequently this leads to something like this: This of course prints: The interpolation

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ES6 / JS2015 : Rest and Spread operators

The Rest and Spread operators added in ES6 / JS2015 drastically improve the ability to deal with unknown numbers of function parameters, and array and hash manipulation.

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