Pretty-printing JavaScript objects with JSON.stringify

It’s fairly frequent that we end up wanting to log what the contents of a JS variable is. Often times though, that ends up being an object. Frequently this leads to something like this: This of course prints: The interpolation

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ES6 / JS2015 : Rest and Spread operators

The Rest and Spread operators added in ES6 / JS2015 drastically improve the ability to deal with unknown numbers of function parameters, and array and hash manipulation.

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CSS Styling Illustrator SVGs

One of the problems with using CSS to style an SVG is that you will typically want to target class names, just like other HTML elements. Unfortunately it can be difficult to get meaningful class names exported into your SVGs in most editors. Here is a technique for exporting names in Adobe Illustrator.

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Building Test Fixtures to Clean up Mocha / Jasmine Tests

One of the problems with unit testing complex software is that the tests often become as complicated as the system under test. This eventually leads to bloated test code that is hard to read and maintain, and is usually littered

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Dealing with the deprecation of peerDependencies in NPM 3

The peerDependencies configuration was originally designed to address the problem of NPM packages that were ‘plugins’ for other frameworks. The original problem is discussed more in-depth here on the NPM blog. For example, the grunt-contrib-jasmine package requires that the project using

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Making a Windows shell that doesn’t suck

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of using Unix, Linux, DOS, Windows and OSX. One thing they all had in common was the notion of a “shell” or “command prompt”. One thing they didn’t all have in

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Using Deferreds With the Cordova File API

Reading and writing to files with the Cordova File API can be difficult and messy due to heavy use of nested callback functions. We can make a convenient wrapper around this API and use jQuery deferreds to clean up our code.

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