A Simple Pattern for Testing Custom React Hooks

Making custom react hooks is easy, but the first time I made one I was at a loss at to how to test it. It turns out it’s pretty easy… If your custom hook uses any other React hooks, then

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Identifying and Combatting Technical Debt

Technical debt is something you should always be conscious of in the software industry. Basically it is the result of doing a rushed or “unclean” job and leaving code or infrastructure in a state that makes it harder and slower

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Making setTimeout an async/await function

Here is a handy wrapper that turns setTimeout() into an async function.

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NodeJS 8.5 adds fast native copyFile

NodeJS is awesome, but every now and then you come across something that isn’t really easy. One of those things is copying a file. Seems simple, but a glance at StackOverflow proves otherwise. The answers basically consist of reading a

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MP Select Mini – Extended Bed (Part 3: X axis)

If you missed Part 2: Bed Wiring you can read it here. Much to my surprise, this ended up being the hardest part of the extended bed mod. Mostly because you have to take a lot apart, and the original

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MP Select Mini – Extended Bed (Part 2: Bed Wiring)

If you missed Part 1 : Y Axis, you can read it here. This surprisingly ended up being the easiest, most trouble-free part of this whole mod. I spent more time debating how to arrange wires than it took to

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MP Select Mini – Extended Bed (Part 1: Y axis)

I’ve been loving my Monoprice Select Mini 3D printer, but after a few months I started to find the print size very limiting. I decided to follow this guide and upgrade my bed to a larger one. The stock print

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