Unit testing Kendo UI DataSources with Jasmine and Mockjax

Are you struggling to find a way to unit test your Kendo UI code because you have a pesky DataSource in there, and it keeps trying to fetch data from a server? Has that been your excuse for not testing

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Kendo Grid – Using a Calculated Default Value

When creating new rows in a Kendo UI Grid widget, sometimes we might want to calculate a default value, or even retrieve it off a server. How would you do that? It turns out it is pretty easy! Check out

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Creating Kendo UI ViewModels in TypeScript

TypeScript provides a nice way of making strongly typed classes and turning them into JavaScript for you. When you pair it with Kendo UI, you will almost certainly want to make your ViewModels their own classes. This can be done

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A Pretty Cool Build Process with AppBuilder CLI

I had been a fan of the Telerik AppBuilder desktop client (formerly known as Graphite) for a while. However the one thing you could never do was use alternative languages, like CofeeScript, TypeScript, LESS, SASS, etc. Unit testing was also

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Debugging those pesky Kendo UI MVVM bindings

If you have used the Kendo UI MVVM bindings much, then at some point you have probably found yourself staring at a JavaScript error and wondering why your element isn’t binding correctly. This is always a frustrating place to be,

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Handling Offline State in Kendo Mobile

If you plan on releasing your Kendo UI Mobile app to the app store, then you better handle the case where the device does not have a network connection. Plus, your users will be happy if your app doesn’t just

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ASP.NET MVC HiddenFor Causing Performance Issues When Client Side Validation Enabled

I ran into a really interesting performance problem in ASP.NET MVC 4. An MVC view was taking almost 30 seconds of time on document.ready. After digging into the issue I discovered that jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js that ships with MVC is surprisingly slow.

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